New Build, Classic Look

Built in 2018, the brand new home portrays a classic Caribbean aesthetic that never goes out of style. Set in peaceful and evergreen surroundings, Villa Londali’s white facades and expansive verandas encourage relaxation at every corner — and those views from every room help too. Guests enter through a magnificent coralina promenade and a water mirror under high ceilings and an elegant chandelier that lights up the room in every sense. “Once the doors open, the main foyer, with all its governing white, empowers an ambiance of smooth lines and a sober decor making you feel as if you were inside an artwork,” describes House Administrator Maritza Cadenas. Classy pieces adorn the wall and illuminate each space, and conservative white and off-white walls, floors, and furniture are careful not to steal any attention away from the excitement of their surroundings.

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